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Based on the fundamental belief that someone’s disability should not define their opportunity, Vend-I-Go prides itself in providing vending opportunities for the disabled. Vend-I-Go is a vending machine service provider serving the Arizona market. Vend-I-Go specialized in providing vending machine solutions since 2010. Vend-I-Go is proud to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions for businesses, industry, medical, and the education sectors in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Vending Services

Vend-I-Go is a full service provider of vending solutions for businesses, education, and medical facilities. We utilize the most cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to customize a perfect solution for each of our customers.

Micro Market Vending

Our latest innovation in vending, offers a self-service check out kiosk with shelving, displays, and refrigeration. We are able to set up a convenient store environment within a designated secure space in your office.

Healthy Vending

We work with schools, businesses, and the medical community to develop programs that meet their wellness goals, while still meeting the demands and desires of the employees, customers, and students. Let’s create a program that is unique to your location!

Office Coffee Services

At Vend-I-Go we are proud to provide the best coffee delivery systems to ensure the greatest ease of use, cost effectiveness and reliability. Vend-I-Go will even handle routine maintenance and cleaning on a timely basis!

Free Vending

In the new economy, small perks have proven very effective for long term employee retention. Our Free Vend Program has proven popular for a number of reasons including a wide selection of food products, state-of-the-art equipment, and fresh fruit and dairy.

Water Service

We offer a variety of water options for your business. This includes environmentally friendlier bottled water options and bottleless water filtration systems. We could all use more frequent hydration! Allow us to bring crisp-tasting water to your place of work.

What makes us different?

Vend-I-Go’s key differentiator in the market is the “opportunity” it provides for individuals of all walks to gain insight into the vending industry and develop entrepreneurial skills. Unlike traditional vending machine service providers, Vend-I-Go encourages fun and celebrates uniqueness while providing both work and volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to grow their entrepreneurial skills.

Hands On Experience
Training Program
Volunteer Opportunities
Investment Options
Residual Income
Continual Support

How it works

Customers will call or visit our office to determine their eligibility. Upon their approval of eligibility they will scheduled for a tour of our vending machine routes. If the participant agrees with all policies and procedures they will be scheduled for an intake appointment after which an adequate route will then be established per each unique individuals needs. Through a dedication to customer service and follow through on commitments, Vend-I-Go will become the preeminent provider of vending machine solutions in the Arizona market.

Got Any Questions?

We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.

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