Vending For Schools

Aug 13, 2016





Students often consume up to 50 percent of their daily calories at school. However, the process of finding healthy school food products can sometimes prove challenging. Child and adolescent health is an important issue, with nutritional and social consequences of great concern to parents and school administrators alike.

Camelback Vending recognizes that healthier eating among young children and teens needs to be a high priority right now. Teaching young people to make wise choices begins with access to healthier products. We share the nutritional concerns of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and we are doing our part to make it easy for young people to have access to tasty snacks that meet or exceed local, state, and federal nutritional guidelines. This includes compliance with Arizona Nutritional Standards, where required or requested.

Being the leader in serving educational environments in the Greater Phoenix Area has enabled us to put all the pieces together:

  • Understanding the guidelines and how to implement them
  • Knowing which snacks contain reduced sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium
  • Focus on finding products that are not only healthy, but also popular with students
  • A commitment to keep our equipment clean, well stocked, and in excellent working condition
  • All staff working on school campuses have DPS-issued Fingerprint cards as required by Arizona State Law
  • The ability to offer rapid response when something is not working right, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to installing the vending machines at no cost to you, we can set up a commission program where you earn a portion of the proceeds that can be used to fund the activities mentioned above. With the high usage of school vending machines, your commissions can really add up!

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