Catered Vending New Ways To Eat

Aug 12, 2016




What is Catered Vending and why is it so popular? Catered Vending means that your company, rather than your employees, pays for the drinks, snacks, and anything else Vend-I-Go provides on your behalf. This approach has proven so popular for a number of reasons:

  • Employee Retention and Productivity! Most business owners want to strip away everything that gets in their employee’s way and keeping them on-site during breaks and lunches aligns with that.
  • It can encourage Healthier eating habits. Old snacking habits are hard to break unless of course, the alternative is FREE!
  • Inc. Magazine, in a recent survey, found that one of the top three perks that aid in performance at work is free food.
  • People love to enjoy their favorite beverages and snacks during the course of their workday.
  • Employees view Catered Vending as a generous benefit from their company. In the scheme of things, it may not cost much compared to other formal benefits but its perceived value is certainly high in the eyes of your employees.
  • Catered Vending offers a much wider range of products. Employees are free to sample beverages, snacks, and other food products that they may never have even seen before. This “easy access” provides further enjoyment to your valued employees.
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